Montag, 8. Dezember 2008

Das Supertalent 2008 Yoyo Yosefin Buohler - The Voice Within

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  1. Unfortunately she has to practise a LOT to reach a comercial level. She has a good voice when she sings in a low voice but once she goes louder her voice is muffled. Not only that, but she is trying to sing beyond her years. A pitty. Beeing a studio guy who has recorded a lot of artists, I would not let her sing on my tracks. Doesnt mean it will not happen in the future, but she is not studio material at the moment. Live, maybe. But at a stretch.

    Only my opinion as a professional producer. Hope she practises. She has a lot of years to perfect her style although she is up against a lot of VERY talented teens.


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